Little Lord & Skunky Butt

let me present to you Skunky Butt’s butt
I have a fluffy short tail, and it’s so short till sometimes i thought i’m tail-less
This is how i look like from the front, i’m cute ain’t i?!
i’m having my daily running. D.N.D. must keep fit if not easy get unhealthy
i’m obviously nibbling at something, so please do not stare. 
time for my sleep, GO AWAY and let me get my Hammie sleep!!
Let me introduce to you Little Lord, the one that got away the other day.
the flash super annoying, so i’m just showing you my back, for my eyes sake.
i’ll show u abit of my face, for mummy’s sake!
you see?!!!! ain’t my little hamster all just so adorable. Right now i’m contemplating whether should i get another 2 females for Skunky Butt and Little Lord or not? Still kind of reluctant because of the mating and baby hammie issue.
But i’ve already thought of the female hamster already
* SmoochieMuah *
* HoneyCloud *
I saw this really nice name from here
I saw a name *SnowFlake*, i’m either going to name my puppy snowflake (if i do get one) or i’m going to get a pure white animal, what ever will do, including dove! wtf
If i’m every going to get a black puppy instead of white, i’ll still name it Snowflake, but it will just be change to DirtySnowFlake. *laughs*

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Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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