Little Lord Is Back!!!!


Basically the purpose of this post is just to let the whole wide world know that my hamster is back into my nesting!

Just 5 minutes ago, i manage to  catch it back into my cage.

I was so freak out that it might won’t come back.

Okay, i know this post is like no head no tail like that. Let me just briefly explain who is Little Lord.

Little Lord – Male Hamster

Skunky Butt – Male Hamster too!

*beams happily*

I have been visualizing that i have a pet. I wanted a puppy thou, but my parents kind of objected in a way. They said that puppy is too hard to keep, and it’s noisy, etc. Thus puppy is out of my way.

Then, i thought of wanna get a guinea pig. It got wrecked too, because guinea pig kind of produce some smell which i don’t really want that to happen.

So my last option left was only hamster. btw, i got myself 2 male roboski hamster. Plan to make them gay. *muahahhaha* kidding.

I’m just abit particular about the issue that male and female hamster mate then if they couldn’t take care of their hammie baby they would eat them up, which oh-so-obviously i wouldn’t want that to happen. Thus i bought two male to produce gay-ness!!

This evening, i took Little Lord out to let it play around in a small box that i bought back home, but don’t know how it decided to jump high up and out the box. I was having a marathon with it too. Towards the door. *knocks self* it was trying to run out of my house, luckily i manage to swung it back in. In a way, which i think i nearly break its limb.

I took nearly 2 hours to search for it but couldn’t find it. THEN IT WAS JUST LIKE A FREAKING 15 MINUTES AGO, LITTLE LORD DECIDED TO RE-SURFACE AGAIN. AND THIS TIME THE MARATHON MATCH, PROVENCE WINS!!!!  *fans self* no big deal, no big deal, just a match with little lord, wet wet water only.

but a small fact to know is, roboski hamster are quite a runner. Almost like cheetah. miniature cheetah it shall be!

Finally, the purpose of this post is just to tell everyone i manage to find back my little lord after a good 4 hours of not see-ing it. Am i a lucky girl~


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