Heath Ledger

Guess a quarter of the globe knows that Heath Ledger pass away. Some says overdose, suicide, and etc. I kind of think that no matter what was the reasons of his death, it was still a great loss.

Sometimes i guess life is just so unpredictable. we always wouldn’t know what is ahead of us that is waiting for us. thou good or bad.

I like him from the movie ‘Casanova’, The Patriot’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’. I’m not denying i indeed did watch ‘Brokeback Mountain’, it was very nice.

Before his death, he had just finish acting as The Joker in The Dark Night – Batman Begins sequel guess this would be the last movie that i could see him acting. What a waste! *emos*

In another note, i read something on the net that kind of pissed me off.  There are some sucker out here that plan to protest during Heath ledger’s funeral just because previously he had acted in a homosexuality movie. WTF?! are this humans sucker? or too boring till nothing to do and plan some stupid things out. He is death and they plan to do something that doesn’t shows a single sight of respect.

Thou shall he R.I.P.

I think her little girl Matilda will be lack of daddy’s love. Heath Ledger loved her daughter dearly.


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