JeffreyTheSemiBald at his National Service Camp, Maran

pa and ma had plan for quite sometime to go and visit JeffreytheSemiBald at his National Service camp at Maran, Pahang (muahaha, i love it when i could target my this little brother’s weakness, BALD okay maybe like literally)

After haven’t seeing him for almost a month, he did change a little. As in his semi-bald now, slightly darker and you know what?! he is even more loving already. wtf. gues that’s what happen when u haven’t seen someone quite awhile. I’m thinking what will happen when i meet my big brother when his back this year during the September, because by that it’ll be un-officially a year plus since i’ve meet him. Geo also hardly chats with me at msn, he is too busy with his game. wtf, where got brother like that wan. game more important than sister is it. i think even when mummy and daddy is back from overseas i’ll hug her till she needs to gasp for oxygen already.

Due to the reason that the visitation was only available during the weekend, but we went during weekday we’ve only like an hour to meet up with him and pass to him all those things that JeffreytheSemiBald ask us to get. It was still worth my one day on leave i shall say.

muahaha, on a better note. Pa decided to do a very bold decision and oso brave i shall say. He let me drive all the way back from Maran to KL. *puppy eyes* i’m so flattered when he ask me to drive because that kind of shows that he trust his little girl’s driving skill. i got lost when i’ve reach KL, i took the wrong turning, should had turn to ampang but i went to batu caves motorway instead. but i still reach KL safe and sound. *fanself* and i felt PROUD! I’m the person driving so that means i have two lives in my hand, so i tried my best not to accelerate too much. I kept at the speed of 90km/h till 120km/h. It was a real nice experience thou~

I’m starting to miss him already. *sigh* sometimes i need someone to be there to fight for the computer and even remote control.


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