I’m a Attention Seeker

Once in a blue moon, i’ll feel left out among my friends and even my family.  i do admit once in awhile i’m an attention seeker. i need attention on me, if not i’ll have those mentality that nobody wants me or wanna be with me.

my parents and siblings always think that i could be by myself all alone for a very long period but the truth is i couldn’t. if i’m left to homestay for a week, i’ll got rather nuisance. somemore now since even JeffreytheXD went for national service i’m left more boring and alone. hence, i think i’m being shower with much care from Pa and Ma. those days, normally they’ll go out only them, but lately they’ve been tagging me along. even though sometimes i don’t want to go they’ll still drag me along. it’s all this small little things that my family does that really let me love them to bits. even thou Mummy and daddy is at overseas right now they still never miss out their privilege to always call me just to ask how am i? Even JeffreytheXD took the effort to call me up, just to ask how am i, please becareful when i’m driving and etc. I guess i’m just too greedy and wanted MORE! *looks up the sky* thou i do admit i’ll become like a hungry vulture when it comes to love from my loved ones.

Something tells me my future-to-be-bf will really have to drain his brains and hearts up just to make me satisfied *shrugs*


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