CloverField – Review

Do allow me to shout and do some cursing first!


As my friends know, i hardly does any movie review. It’s either the movie was acceptable and not terrible.

Provence’s Review

The movie doesn’t really has an ending, it’s disoriented, whole movie is seemly use handycam, no plot, even the cast is someone who i barely even know. Worst part, almost everyone dies in the end, then Manhanttan got bomb-ed (as what i think)

I don’t know whether did New York survive the crisis, how did they defeated the bloody monster, how did the so-called watcher got the tape etc.

DOUBLE WORST PART, i got a fucking headache after watching the whole movie. It’s too disoriented. Imagine your watching some movie that the show keeps on spinning merry-go-round. I nearly felt like puking halfway. I took me nearly 10 minutes to be seated at my seat and get some rest first if not i doubt i’ll just fall down the staircase and embarrass myself to death.

Even thou it was that B A D, there were a few minor part that i really like. Minor only okay. MINOR! The girls in the movie was pretty. I like Lily and Marlena. Even though, in the end, Marlena died but Lily survive. There were a few scene which was not bad which was at the subway and helicopter part. initially is was the part where they were fated to D.I.E.D. For most part of the show the cameraman, Hud was hillarious too. It was with his sense of humour that i survive the whole movie of 75 minutes.

I’ll give it a rate of 3/10.

If you want to watch movies that are out of the ordinary, you should just give it a try. But if your those that expect for nice plotting, and creature killing, then i should just advice you save ur 12 bucks and go watch ‘I am Legend’ again.


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