There Goes 2007

2007 is coming to the end now. The whole year through i think i’ve been in a roller coaster. There’s the ups and downs, the happy and sad, and even rich and poor. I don’t know whether is this my best year of my whole 19 years born. at least i know this year would be my so-called last year in my teens. Next year onwards i’ll be un-officially in my twenties. No more little gal that could go nuts just by watching some cartoons. and laugh like a psycho just because something that happen made her happy. I shall now think that Disney channel doesn’t exist, cartoon network is some very boring rtm1 channel and i shall now take things with a smile even thou how hilarious it would be i shall just smile and not laugh. *shrugs* nah, i’m just saying it only. I don’t think so i could do it. Come on, right now i’m still downloading Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Laugh all you can, but i still can’t see myself getting out from my childhood yet.

For the whole Year of 2007 Pig, I think i’ve done alot of first time, many new encounter, breaking through the barrier i’ve set. In simple, many First time.

  • clubbing – come to think of it, the clubbing encounter just came quite naturally. It was a some night i decided to went. Tada, i went! guess it was also the first encounter where i found out i like some1. i think i like lah..i think
  • phuket  – come to think of it, i haven’t even written anything about my trip to phuket yet. Duh! must find someday to write about it.It was a nice experience. If i wasn’t sick on the second day lah.
  • church – i started going to this church at Sentul. I really loved going =)
  • Fraser’s Hill – I climb all the way up to the peak of Fraser’s Hill. I think it was for the past few years i hadn’t went for any hiking. It was really some sort of break through for me personally.

Wtf.! actually i’ve got many first time encounter this year. But it’s 2am in the morning. I’m working tomorrow. I think i shall just continue it tomorrow. If i could.

I Shall Get Wasted During New Year Eve.! BLASTED~


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