Santa Claus Is In Everyones Heart

Just got back from a party.

I’m exhausted with the lack of sleep. My eye bag is turning from bad to worse. Someone please by me some eye care product as christmas gift. I think i’ll need one. From now on, no matter how lazy and how aching my fingers are i shall type Christmas as christmas and not Xmas because i felt it’s inappropriate to use the ‘X’ sounds so blue. just like wad MewtheCat told.

Christmas Day itself was really nice and sweet. in the early part, went for dinner with my parents for christmas dinner. The food was great, i think i’m bloated because of that.

After that i rushed for my christmas party, which i was kind of late. It started at 6pm but i onli reach at 9pm. Luckily, i’ve got a nice excuse to be excluded from all the eye sight.

I like the feeling of eating ice-cream during Christmas. It made me felt like i was at Aspen.

When I wake up at 2pm today, the first thing after i brush my teeth was to on the idiot box. Too bad there wasn’t much Christmas show, not even on Disney Channel. *sighs* how could this happen, even Disney Channel don’t HAVE? Disney is like the heaven for all kids, they should have air-ed Christmas show the whole day. Thus, i’m left with no choice but to watch Hallmark Channel. I’m starting to love Hallmark channel. It’s always showing shows that are interesting. Even the Christmas movie was all GREAT! I nearly used my whole afternoon by just watching the movies. I just took my blanket, stuffed doll and a cup of ice-cream to enjoy the movie. It was worth every seconds of it.

I’m starting to think that i know how to enjoy my life *wide smile*

Just some question:

What would is the 10 things you would think of when you think of Christmas Day? Mine would be…

  1. Santa Claus
  2. Ginger Breadman
  3. Ornaments
  4. Jesus Christ
  5. Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer
  6. Elves & Snowman
  7. Mrs. Claus (impact for the movies today)
  8. Christmas Tree *bling*
  9. Angel
  10. Big Star on top the Christmas Tree

Have you ever think that Santa Claus do exists?

as for me, i think when i was small i do think it exists. you know small kids right?! but when i’ve grown up already, i still think Santa Claus exist but my perception just made the Santa Claus transform in my parents. They are like santa claus to me. shower me with gifts, love and care.

What would you write to Santa Claus if you were to wish for something?

it will be in two ways, the first i’ll wish for a gift which is a very nice Christmas tree at my living room. Another one will be i’ll wish next year i can have all my closest family with me during Christmas Day.

Finally, to end all my christmas journal..

Merry Christmas to Everyone

God Bless!


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