I’m a Two Face

I think i have two personality. which is so wtf.

Sometimes when i think i’m correct or satisfied with what i’m doing, the next minute i’ll be whining over it again.

Why am i so weird wan.. can’t i just be satisfied with whatever shit that i’ve got already.

Either than that, when i promise myself not to do it again, not even 1 hour later i’ll commit crime already.

Maybe this moment i say i love my brothers alot, but when they do something that pissed me off. I’ll hate them (but won’t last long la)

Thus, from now on don’t give a crap on whatever i’ve promise because i don’t even know what i’m promising sometimes.

*puppy eyes*

I’m starting to think once this journal is on the road. My friend will start to take whatever i talk as CRAP.


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Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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