A Day To Be A Child Back

it’s always during christmas day that i’ll felt like everything around me is just splendid, good and happy. guess that’s the impact of christmas songs, santa clause, red nose rudolf had on me. christmas always make me felt as if i’ll be shower with loads of love. which is true!basically, a few hours before christmas eve arrived, i was in a rather small dilemma. but after that, it has been solved by my Momo. which is none other than through the support in finance. The moment everything solved i was at cloud 9. Instantly i call SooTheGrandma (cz she call me aunty provence just because i hear red.fm & light and easy radio station. wtf) and plan to get our asses out of the house. follow by SKtheAntiFace and VNtheWhiner.
*pictures are all still in the hands of SooTheGrandma & VNtheWhiner
Our first station was to The Curve, which i would say nothing much. the people there are boring or was it us? Duh, who cares *shrugs* i was whining alot there too because f*cking hell. Nobody sells christmas hat there. I mean maybe they do had but it wasn’t the type that i wanted. Super emo-ed when i couldn’t search for it. Damn, what is a christmas eve when i don’t even have a christmas hat! WTF?!!! *cursing all the way north* We were there for more than an hour plus. Due to the lack of happening going on. We decided to clean our ass and leave for another station! without my christmas hat. *tears overflowing* don’t you think it’ll really be splendid when all four bitches in the car are wearing santa hat. It just felt so nice i shall imagine. Past is past, don’t wanna whine about it already. Next time i shall be more prepare by getting my christmas hat in advance by a month. *shrugs*
Second station was at Times Square. we reached there at 1am. Guess what we did there? KARAOKE SESSION! we had our supper at a mamak stall nearby then we adjourn to Neway at Times Square. We sing from 2am till 5am, which was nuts!
Pros & Cons during Neway Times Square Session.
  1. none -.-
  2. Maybe got, their receiptionist was sweet!
  3. their chinese songs are all rather updated. but i’m a half banana, couldn’t expect so much about chinese songs
  1. Their air-conditioning system damn sucker
  2. service was just acceptable, i’ve order my lemon coke twice but it was only served when i ask again for it the third time
  3. one of the mic we’re using is doesn’t function properly. even though we’ve complain.
  4. their english song was all update damn SLOW! wtf?! what kind of trend already, they still doesn’t even have any single songs from RIHANNA excuse me. doesn’t it seems to be very long already. till now they doesn’t even had it. Just don’t f*cking imagine about any other update songs such as P.Diddy – last night. it doesn’t mean just because HongKong update it slowly, malaysia also had to be the same. Come on!
  5. The most terrible things of all, Neway MALAYSIA DOESN’T even have their own WEBSITE!!! (okay, i know this had nothing to do with it. but still wanna complain about it) what on earth is happening?! I mean it doesn’t make any sense when it already has so many outlet in malaysia, go lah make a website. How are we going to know update or what ever things? I tried to check at the hongkong website but damn shit too. their hongkong website too complicated till i got so pissed off i just don’t care to surf it already. Even the complain webpage had some problem. How on earth is things happening?!!!!!! *@)(#*!(&%*^#$&@%^*#$&!@

Okay. No more complaining already. But one thing is for sure, i’m not ever going to step into any neway already. Boycott it forever and ever! I’ll just choose to love redbox only. *wide smile* if only they’ll update their english soon more fast. and not become a tortoise.

In the end, i reach home on the Christmas Day at 8am. SPLENDID!


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