I’m Such A Good Typer

 I’m starting to think that I could really freak my friends out just thru typing.  Muahahaha!!!

A good friend of mine by the name of Falcon had just been freak out by me! He had just got attached, so the usual type of friend. ignore me for quite sometime. Just focusing on his girl. So the ola good friend decided to give him some lesson!

*names had been change due to personal reason, as in the fella still need to show his face to the world.

Falcon Ops says :
just now wulala..
like hawalian ppl
pangkor got hawali type ka???

Provence says :
pangkor no hawaii lah..

sudenlly felt like changing ola to wulala~~~
very long din tele-conference with u ade lah
mizz dissing u

Falcon Ops says :
dissing me???
teasing izzit???
i always win want wor…
ai meh?? i always KEK SI u
i shorten ur life span gal

Provence says :
so u wanna tele-conference anot
if nowan suak

Falcon Ops says :
today..i cant…can i do it tomolo?
i gtg now….
🙂 miss tele conference with u too

Provence says :
wtf lah u
always go out do wad wor
some ppl got gf ade..fren oso tak mau..
*hides at corner cRying*

Falcon Ops says :
sorry la
now not the time
tomolo k??
fren mau la..last nite msg u… NO REPLY
wan to TALK to u want
tomolo k?

plz understand me
Provence says :
dun wan jor
tml u find me i oso ignore u
boycott u for the next 3 years

*hides back to corner*
either u choose me or ur fren

Falcon Ops says :
dont do this to me la..
what my fren??
my gf le..

Provence says :
lagi wtf

Falcon Ops says :
i need to talk to her la
Provence says :
Falcon Ops says :
sorry la….
Provence says :
‘zhong sek heng yao’
ni bu yao hui lai zhao wo le

Falcon Ops says :
i ask her wait for me d
Provence says :
fine fine fine..
go lah..

Falcon Ops says :
Provence says :
Falcon Ops says :
dont lah!!!!!!!!
Provence says :

Falcon Ops says :
whats wrong with u!!!
Provence says :
joking lah

Falcon Ops says (12:37 AM):
ass u!!!

He was so afraid that i’ll go mad, because i’ve been cursing like crazy that he decided to give me a call!! Damn, it was a good one. I was laughing like a crazy hyena, all thanks to my this good friend. I had a good laugh of the day.

Yesterday a similiar situation happen too, which is KringizTheGuardian. He was telling me something regarding a pendant that he had bought at msn but i hardly could imagine how is the shape of pendant that he was trying to describe. Thus, he took the initiative to call me and explain to me more detail about his pendant, which really gave me a good laugh and warmth too.  It’s quite seldom you still got friends that took the effort to EXPLAIN to you so detail! In the end, i knew how was his pendant like thru my imaginary thinking. silver in colour necklace with a pentagon shape yellow crystal. hmm.. I don’t think so u’ll understanding thru typing again.


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