Forever Seems So Small

It’s really always a very pleasant feeling to meet up with friends that i haven’t met up with since the golden age.

Sitting at a coffee table, at some new cafe we’ve just notice, under the sea moon. just enjoying all those pillow talk, gossip and bitching. the feeling at that very moment is just un-explainable. simply MARVELLOUS, i shall say.

it’s always this kind of scenario that makes things worthwhile, such as the voice to call out, the mind to plan it and the heart that misses my friends.

nevertheless, sometimes things don’t always happen the way that u wanted it to be. there are some of my last time high school friends that used to be my bff just start to slip away from the circle. i tried to repatch the relationship back. but i guess no matter how it doesn’t seems to work. it just felt like she obliged to join the circle back. i didn’t know what went wrong, we’ve promise each other to stay FRIENDS FOREVER. then again, i guess the word FOREVER doesn’t really exist in a certain friendship sometimes. okay, maybe not certain but ALL! Family relationship i know i could make it forever, because of the blood that is flowing in my body is the same as my family. maybe not extended family but close family, i mean real close!

Friends? there ain’t any same blood flowing in my veins. friends were created when two person meet up and click at the very seconds. sometimes that very seconds could just fade away as time passes by. a close BFF once told me that actually there’s nothing FOREVER in friendship. nobody can guarantee, nobody. This very minute maybe you’ve got tonnes of topic that needs to be talk to her, but then later maybe there’s nothing to be talk, not even ask. Thou shall things slowly vanish!

To be very frankly, once in a blue moon i’m really afraid that i’ll lost contact with all my close bff. I adore them, i like being together with them, i love it when we’re all sitting at the same table talking, celebrating or maybe just plain taking pic (though, some of my friends dislike taking photo) I don’t know whether we could walk the aisle together or not. okay lah…joking =p

I’m just trying hard to make sure everything is at the same pace, nobody’s left out. But after sometime, i’m just too lazy to work things out. Certain things sometimes couldn’t work the way how we wanted it to be. I wanted all my cpr-ians friends to be close together, because as i know our MCA group is just too little till it’s so vulnerable to be spilt up.

After sometimes i’m just so snail, that i decided to go with the flow. I don’t wanna get any reject, object or what ever -ject! just plain.

Even though i don’t know whether all my high school friends will still be there at the FOREVER. or maybe at the time when i get married (which is a forever things, marriage is still a TABOO for yours truly) but i do cherish all those moment we had during school time.


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