Too Many Things, Yet Too Little Time


that’s what I’m trying to do.

I’m trying to live life the fullest and not whining over yesterday, today or maybe tomorrow. Life has been proly good and bad. Work has been stressful like eating bitter gourd (wtf, i took me a whole 3 minutes to spell the word bitter groudt bitter gourd correctly) lifestyle so far so good. Just living day by day via backpack style which means saving all my salary for a better tomorrow or maybe the next moment. i’m too little and young at my age but having to carry a big burden. sometimes i just felt fortunate to be able to try on how having a big financial burden feels like. thou, i can still always have my escape route but i just felt guilty for dumping the burden aside and just act like a toddler again. that’s just so not me.

People do grow up. i can’t always rely on my parents and hope that they could just drop some money into my drawer and take care of me till death do us apart. then again, about those financial and parents issue shall be describe later.which is don’t know when? it’s been ages since i’ve blog. nope, it’s not because i’m M.I.A. but it’s just that those thoughts in my mind is just missing in the dark. sometimes it’s in my mind but sometimes it just spooof and VAnish..



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Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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