Dinner Marathon

i’m having dinner marathon lately.

After yesterday’s dinner, today i had one simply dinner among my close family. Then tomorrow will be to my extended family. shall be having dinner somewhere around Petaling Jaya area. heard Momo told me will be some sort of restaurant that serves yummy fatty juicy prawn

life has been so far so good lately. Work has been quite hectic. don’t even have enough time to gasp for air. assume i’ll need to start have an oxygen tank with me 24/7 already. just in case in any minute any time i might just died out.

in another 30 minutes time will be Mummy the Greatest’s birthday. shall sms her a very sweet sms =)

i should have bought her a birthday card first, but i’m just too broke. guess sms should go first then later shall be the present. guessing real damn hard what would she like her present to be.


i think her only biggest wish was for her daughter to stop eating what ever food without controlling herself.

thus, i should start to control myself in order to prepare a very major present for her next year birthday.

*ties white cloth around forehead*



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