Baby Samuel the Mischievous

I’m missing my BabySamuel the Mischievous a lot!

Even though, he’s just back for 2 days I’m missing him drastically already.

I didn’t take enough photos with him yet. I’m not satisfied with the quality of the photos taken. Can I have a rewind? =(

It just felt like he has went back to Kulim for very long even though it’s just 2 days.

When he left during Sunday morning, my heart in milliseconds just felt like it stop, no more pulse. Provence pronounces D.E.A.T.H. Yes, for the milliseconds it really felt like that.

My aunt was distracting him so that he wouldn’t cry. On Friday, when I left he cried. But during Sunday morning, everything was too normal till I guess he didn’t notice that Provence che-che will leave him alone going back to Kulim. He just thought that it was another separate for less than 24 hours. This time I don’t know how long will it take for me to meet up with him again? I really hope I’m financial stable so I could always maintain going back to Kulim every month once or 2 month once. At least by that way he wouldn’t forget how I look. Guess I must lock my ass at home and my purse should be kept under my father’s protection because my father’s can really guard my purse very well. That’s the only way to prevent me for over-shopping for rubbish trash bin, over-buying on chocolate, sweets, lollipop, junk food and cherry marshmallows. Apparently, most of the foods at my house are bought by me. Those that can be finish up really quick lah.  I think mostly my money goes to food and then petrol! I like to drive around. Sometimes if I’m free and have nothing to do, I just like to drive back to those places where I’ve been before but very long didn’t go back to the exact place again especially those places that when I’m small my parents (which are not divorced yet) will take me to.



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