Gloomy Day

nope, i’m not gloomy, my mood is not gloomy.

It’s just that the weather outside seems so gloomy. it just felt like any minute it is going to produce another big bucket of pool just like the Tasik Kenyir. i think the earth is giving us signs that it doesn’t like the pollution that we’re producing day by day.

everywhere seems to be having disasters. each time i read the newspaper there sure are news about floods, raining heavily, earthquake, hurricane Felix and so on. there isn’t much happiness onli sadness. how i wish on day all the newspaper in the world will just print out full coverage of news just about how healthy the earth is, poverty becomes history, alot of grandmama and grandpapa living up to 100 years old, demolish the war, de-activated all the nuclear, no more racists. how i wish it could just happen.

i’ve read a article before that writtens each time major or minor disaster happens, it’s a way for our beloved earth to realease it’s pressure deep beneath it. It’s just like how us human are. even though sometimes we kept all our emotions and pressure hidden, it will still burst out someday, somwhere and sometime. it just depend on when, where, how does it happen only.


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