Kitaro Is Performing At Malaysia


*jumps around happily*

While I was browsing thru, I notice one very familar name. KITARO!! (Not that I know him lah)

Japanese musician Kitaro, who is famous for his brand of contemplative, highly melodic synthesizer music

I’m so going to go for the so-called concert or more likely to be a music-lover show.

Previously his concert which was at 2004, I didn’t went because I didn’t even know about the existence of it till I saw the newspaper. I was damn angered that time for missing it.

Lucky me to have spotted it today while reading online newspaper. Worth every bite of it.

I don’t know whether anyone know who is him or not. He’s popular for his talent in musics! He could play many types of instrument at the same time, but still produce a very nice music.

I got influence by my Mommy The Greatest. She too like Kitaro alot. I still remember that time when she found out that Kitaro was here by she missed it. She was so frustrated.

Too bad, this time onli theProvence could go because MummyTheGreatest is still at Glasgow. I’m also kind of sure that not a single of my friend will be interested in the concert. Thou, shall I go alone.

If anyone wants to tag along do let me know. Most probably I’ll buy the cheap ticket. Got to take care of my piggy bank.

Hehe… Doing free advertorial for it!

Tickets for the Nov 30 show are priced at RM60, RM95, RM140, RM190 and RM260. Tickets for the Dec 1 show are priced at RM70, RM110, RM160, RM220 and RM300. For reservations and information, please call 03-2718 1118 or visit,

Hope real bad I don’t get dissapointed by it’s performance because this time the band are mostly Americans and not Japanese. But the main attraction is a Japanese-Kitaro lah


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