It was Raining

It was raining whole day yesterday, even this morning when I fetch my brother to school it was still raining. I was freezing in the car even with the air-cond off.

I had a very good sleep yesterday. The rainy day kind of cool down temperature.

But I had a very bad dream.

The bloody nightmare wake me up from my sleep sharp 6am.

I dream that I was on holiday to some kind of hills. I was suppose to meet up with someone and that someone (which i got no idea who the heck was it?) ditch me. So the ever brave me drive all by myself in the middle of the night to my holiday destination. I was lost midway. I’m afraid and lost but when I finally found a town, the people of the town all look freaking scary as if they’ll gulp u in any minute. Halfway till that I just wake up because something very scary frighten me. I just couldn’t remember what is the something.

I hate nightmare! Sometimes things that I dream will happen all over again in reality. It just felt so DEJA-VU!

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