Addicted, Annoyed, Blurred

Currently theProvence is addicted to

  1. Fish Tycoon my ever beloved nokia game
  2. durian flavoured junk food
  3. blogging
  4. sleeping
  5. calling
  6. watching my anime ‘Gakuen Love’
  7. sleeping with my kena-boxed-piggy
  8. Jay Chow’s ‘bu neng shuo de mi mi’
  9. Samsons’ Kenangan Terindah
  10. Paula DeAnda’s Easy
  11. making breakfast
  12. helping Momo with housechores
  13. talking crap again
  14. countdown for September 15
  15. trying not to gulp anything that I saw edible
  16. checking out photos at
  17. watching drama at
  18. raining season

Besides that, theProvence got disgusted, annoyed, angered to

  1. dumbdumbs that like playing nudge too often
  2. talking perverted stuffs
  3. theBro kept taking my clothes to wear
  4. hot seasons
  5. people who simply add me up at msn & friendster
  6. the forever only displaying the sorrow things that happens at

Blur towards

  1. The Crab
  2. My actual habitat
  3. my eating disorder
  4. which member do i really felt comfortable with
  5. jealousy towards certain things
  6. driving at the middle of the nights
  7. some questions about what my pixie really take me as.
  8. does Momo and Papa really ❤ me
  9. Will my relationship with Mummy sour out.
  10. Will I ever get the things I really wanted

About Ivy

Super contemplation of losing those extra fats
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