I Just Need A Group Of Pixie

Every time I’m out of the house, I just could feel the sense of freed.

Nope, it’s not because my momo or papa is making my life miserable. It was just because I myself got no idea what I was so sad about.

Okay, maybe i do know. I regret many things that i’ve done lately. i meant it!

I regret so quickly that now I’ve regret about it so badly. I know I should have hang in there, but my fucking curiousity kill me. I didn’t really care about it at the first place but sometimes when Mummy mention that to me, I really felt depress for not obeying her. I shall be fine after awhile, i assume I do.

Things is just getting out of my controls. I’m a very bad accountant for myself. I must really start to control real hard the way I uses my expenses. Dear pixies, please do tell me not to buy those rubbish things if you really think it’s useless for me. I really need a truthful pixie who will tell me what’s wrong and what’s right now. I don’t need any pretender, I just need the one that will hold on me whenever I’m falling to the wrong path.

After living for 19 years, I’m starting to notice the ones that I really can’t live without is my family. No doubt, I’m from a very complicated family tree but they were all I ever needed in my life. My pixies is also super duper important. It’s with them that I could tell those small secrets that couldn’t be shared with the family.


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