Empire Cleaning

Wash The Car, duration needed 1 months

Clean The Room, duration needed 2 months

I’m starting to get the fact that I’m a lazy human-being. I don’t like cleaning my room, washing my car, getting my hairdo done.

Last time, I’ve got a loyal maid, Nini who will get everything done for me. When she left at the month of early July, I was left to myself to get everything done by myself. I just tend to keep on postpone and procrastinating the due date to get everything clean up.

At the days when I haven’t clean up my room, I always have to ransack among my clothes to find the one that I wanted to wear. It made my room gets even messier. Plus, my brother’s clothes is also in my room, so double the messy!

There’s always the EXCUSE that I could find to make me not clean up my room. wtf!

After countless time being nag by my family. Finally I took the free time I have and clean it up! I’ve even lighten the scent lavender candle to make it felt more nice and smells nice too!


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