Merdeka Day


Mind the artwork lah, I’m not a professional in using paint, thus this is the best Provence could achieve.

I might not be among those that will put a flag at their car, go for the rally at Dataran Merdeka, stand under the hot sun to watch those army plane shows or even paint my face with a small Malaysia flag.

But I’m still a patriotic little girl deep inside. I still remember when I was small studying in kindergarden or even at my primary school, I used to have all the fun whenever our Merdeka day is reaching. It’s because I know whenever this big day reaches I’ll have my holidays like a week or two. joking lah!

I like this big day was because I will have chances to colour flags, do some decoration for our classroom, plan some dance for our merdeka school dance competition and so on. Those days our dance are mostly either Malay style, Indian style or Chinese style which was really great! It really felt like everyone was together despite the colour of the skin, the accent, the language that we spoke and even the background of our family.

When I was innocent little girl, I really look forward for every opportunity that I could obtain from the Merdeka Day. I don’t know is it because as we grew older things just started to fade away. If someone ask me to sing the Negaraku now, I doubt I could sing it all correctly. When I was still a mischievous one, I’ll not sing the Negaraku but I’ll shout, because that’s also most of my schoolmate that time will do. It really felt nice when we could sing full with spirit.

I don’t know whether things will strain or improve or not which in term of economy, citizen, education, development and so on. Malaysia is still Malaysia at least it’s 99% safe from hurricane, volcano and earthquake because we’re at a freaking strategic place which is the Garisan Khatulistiwa, if you all still remember your Geography.

We’re also much more fortunate than many countries.

  • Not all the citizen suffer poverty. If one does, most people will try to help out.
  • there’s no race discrimination. No doubt, I don’t think this is 100% correct but at least it’s better than other countries. Ask yourself, you’ll know that Malaysia is indeed among the number 1 countries that have more than 1 major religion but still could remain in peace.
  • we’re small but we have a very big vision. I assume you should have know what’s the vision!

Hmm.. lost count of it already. I’ve got those small teeny-weeny reasons why we’re fortunate lah. But don’t really wanna make the whole list go too much!

Boys and Girls, try to feel fortunate that ur a MALAYSIAN!



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