Block Him For A Year

I’m evil.

I just wont denied it.

There’s this guy that I’ve know thru MSN.

He’s kind of disgusting, in a sense of that he’ll make things and stir up conversation that annoyed Yours Truly.

Thus, I’ve block him for more than a year by now. A YEAR~

A few days ago, I’ve got this mood to unblock all those that have been blacklisted by me.

Yup, you got it lah.. I bloody block loads of humans, aliens, monsters, and even creatures!

BECAUSE certain of them is so annoying. My first rule when you wanna chat with me is don’t always click the nudge tools.. It’s fucking annoying loh..  Aiks, shouldn’t have type about what I dislike during MSN conversation. Leave this for another upcoming journal.

After been blocking him for a year, and also deleted his email from my msn list. I was kind of sure that he has deleted my email from his list too.

But I was damn wrong. Not even did he not deleted my email, he still remember a few of the things that we’ve once chatted. That’s for it, now he better pray hard not to get into my nerve again. If not he should be block for another 1 year double.


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